Who receives $1,907 on February 2, 2024 from Social Security?

Social security will continue to send money to eligible beneficiaries in February 2024. The first payment the administration plans isn't for those collecting retirement checks.

In fact, the first check will be for the beneficiaries of supplementary insurance income. This will be on February 1 when SSI recipients will receive their money. Social security will send the next payment just one day later.

Note that to get Social security you must have submitted first. If you do not submit a document or receive the administration's approval, you are not entitled to any payments in February.


The Administration claims that this payment will be for those who started collecting benefits before May 1997. So if you did not start receiving pension benefits before May 1997, you are not eligible for this check.

Social Security will send checks to 4 different groups of pension beneficiaries in February

Don't worry because there are still three days to pay. The administration has scheduled payments for February 14, 21 and 28. Thus, you may be entitled to one of these three checks.

To receive a check on February 14th, you must have a birthday between 1 and 10. Needless to say, you must have started receiving Social security after or in May 1997. This is the rule for each of the Wednesday payments in February.

To get a Social security payment on February 21, your birthday must be between 11 and 20. The last retirement check will be for those whose birthday is 21 to 31.


$1,907 is the average payment amount Social security informed Americans as of December 2023. The average check was $1,848, but increased after the COLA increase.

Although most seniors get $59 extra per month after COLA, that's just an average figure. Some may have received much less because their payments are not as high.

The higher your Social security retirement benefit, the better. For example, if you received $1,000 in 2023, your new check is $1,032 in 2024. So you don't get $59, you get $32.

Social security maximum amounts have increased more than the COLA. The maximum benefit at age 70 was $4,555 in 2023, while it is $4,873 in 2024. At full retirement age, you could receive up to $3,822 in 2024, or $2,710 if you file at age 62.

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