Who is receiving a Social Security payment of up to $4,873 today? Find out the requirements

The US Social Security Administration today sends the first pension payments for January. And not only is this the first of January’s payments, it’s also the first of 2024. That means this year’s COLA is included in today’s January 3rd check.

So every check you received from Social security in 2023, it will not be repeated in 2024. The COLA causes pension payments to increase, so this year it could be as high as $4,873. However, this amount is the maximum, so not all beneficiaries will be able to reach such a check.

Similarly, only a group of retirees can receive today’s payment. And among the requirements we find neither the type of retirement nor the size of the check. These characteristics do not make us get ours Social security payment on one day or another, so they don’t matter to mark on the calendar the day we can receive our pension benefit.

But to determine the payment day each month, we need to consider both year of retirement and day of birth. These two pieces of information are fundamental to determine the pensioner group to which we belong, so we must take this into account to organize our family economy and mark the day we receive our pension benefit.

Requirements for receiving your Social Security check today

The day of Social security payment depends on two main factors. The first is the birthday and the second is the retirement date. The latter divides pensioners into two large groups. In turn, one of these groups is divided into different groups.

The retirement year is important to know when we collect Social Security each month

The retirement date separates these groups, and the exact year that makes the difference is 1997. All retirees before that time collect the first of the monthly checks. This means that in order to receive today’s retirement, you need to have had the check from before this year.

The remaining retirees who have benefits after 1997 collect on later days and the group splits into three different groups. These Social Security beneficiaries receive their payments on the second, third and fourth Wednesday of each month.

In January, these days are the 10th, 17th and 24th of the month. So if you have a benefit after 1997, you can receive your check for up to 4873 on one of these days depending on your day of birth.

Although there are several groups, the important thing today is that you belong to group 1. This is the only way we can get paid today. At least we will be able to get the payment this week because to get the payment today it must be activated Direct deposit.

If we do not activate this payment method, it does not mean that we will not receive the money, but we will receive it a few days later. Regardless of the amount we receive social security, we will be able to collect it today by fulfilling these two requirements.

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