Who can get paid $4873 in less than 24 hours in USA?

Great news because there are millions of Americans who are about to cash in on a new monthly budget payment. True, there are already two checks on January 3 and January 10, but two remain in United States.

Pensioners can only get one pension payment per month, although some may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income at the same time. Social security has scheduled a new inspection for January 17.

But there will be another payment on January 24th, so this won't be the last check in January. To receive any of these checks, you must first have filed for Social Security.


Note that such a large payment is only for those who meet the three Social Security requirements. The first is that they must have filed at age 70.

The first requirement to receive the $4,873 payment is to file at age 70, so few Americans can receive that check

Therefore, if you are about to file for Social Security payments and you're not 70 years old, forget about getting that much money if you meet the other 2 conditions.

The second requirement is that the pensioner has a working experience of at least 35 years. Failure to do so will always reduce the amount of your check. Last but not least, pensioners must have had high incomes.

Therefore, only those workers who have worked for 35 years, earned the taxable maximum during that entire time, and filed at age 70 can qualify for payment worth $4,873 in 2024.


There's only one chance to cash in on January 17 if you're a pensioner. The thing is you must have received benefits from May 1997 onwards and your birthday is between 11-20.

So if your birthday is from 1 to 10, you received your check last week. You will get yours payment next week if your date of birth is from 21-31. In this case, your check will be due on January 24th.

As for the average payments, retirees could receive about $1,907 in January 2024. After the COLA increase, all seniors will receive 3.2% more per month. That's about $59 on average.

Remember, if you haven't filed yet, you may still have time to boost your checks. Delay retirement until age 70 to earn up to 24% more per month. Early retirement means saying goodbye to 30% of yours checking.

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