Who can get an SSDI check up to $3,822 on January 17th?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) delivers SSDI checks today, January 17, 2024. This money is essential to these citizens of disability benefits. For your information, this payment will include the 2024 COLA increase.

In fact, this is the third payment for January from the administration. However, this SSDI checking it won't be the last. The SSA has scheduled another payment for January 24th, which will be the last one this month.

To receive SSDI checks you must have submitted and received the approval of the administration. If you started collecting Social Security Disability before May 1997, this check is not for you.


If your birthday is after the 10th but before the 21st, you have started receiving SSDI after or in May 1997 this check will be yours. So those beneficiaries of disability benefits whose date of birth is 11 to 20 can receive their payment today, January 17. But there will be another payment next week.

There are three groups of SSDI beneficiaries who receive disability benefits on Wednesday

So don't worry if you don't qualify for this payment. The next one SSDI the check is due on January 24th. To be eligible, you must also have received benefits from May 1997 onwards.

What's more, if your birthday falls between the 21st and 31st, you can receive your check on January 24th. note that the SSDI payments are only for people with a qualified disability.

If your disability disappears or you overcome it, you must report it to the Social Security Administration. It is also important to claim SSI benefits if you have any SSDI checking not enough.


Disability benefits are usually lower payments. This is because workers had to leave their jobs at an early age. The more years of work you achieve, the better for your Social Security checks.

Those who have worked for 35 years can get more money from the administration. Of course, your job must be covered by Social Security. If you don't pay taxes, you can't receive SSDI on your record.

In fact, only those workers who have worked for 35 years and received the taxable maximum during that entire time can qualify for 3822 dollars. Submitting early can mean a big discount.

The average SSDI the payment is worth $1537 in 2024. So this amount may be more realistic than the maximum benefit. If you earn too little money, apply for Supplemental Security Income. It can provide you with monthly checks worth an average of $674.

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