Who can get a check for $1800 next November 22nd?

The new pension payment which Social Security Administration will only send it to a certain group of United States citizens. If you are in this group, you will be able to collect it. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive this check and will have to wait some time to receive it.

However, it is also true that Administration will send the payment, but whether it will be received on the same day or not will depend on the chosen method of receipt. If we do not activate the appropriate payment method, we will not be able to receive the money quickly, but it will take several days for it to arrive.

This will be the last of Social security payments for the month of November. This means that after this payment we will have to wait until December to get another check. And it also means that if you still don’t have the payment in your bank account, it means there is a problem with your retirement.

If you qualify, you will be able to receive a payment of $1,800. This amount is the average Payment of social security. Getting paid on November 22nd doesn’t mean you’ll get that particular amount. Do you know how much? Social security do you get every month?


In order to receive this payment, we must meet two requirements. These requirements are mandatory for the Administration to send the check to our bank account. If we do not have a specific collection method activated, it is possible that our benefit will arrive a few days later.

The final Social Security check in November is right around the corner
The final Social Security check in November is right around the corner

The requirements to Social Security Administration to send us a check on November 22 are as follows:

  • You received benefits after 1997.
  • Have a birthday between the 21st and 31st of each month.

So the type of benefit doesn’t matter when you get yours on November 22 Social Security Check. Likewise, it doesn’t matter how much we get. Retirement age doesn’t matter either, as 62-year-olds and 67-year-olds can take this check without a problem.


The method to collect the November 22nd same day retirement check on November 22nd is by direct deposit. This collection method is instant, which ensures that every Social Security Beneficiary whoever activates it does not have to wait to receive their money.

In case of not enabling this collection method, no need to worry as we will get the money anyway. But the difference is that it will take about 3 days before the check is available.

If we activate direct deposit and meet the two requirements mentioned above, we will receive the payment on November 22nd. This will be the last payment for the month of November 2023, so after this payment we will have to wait until December to redeem a new one.

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