Which states are sending the most SNAP benefits to the United States in 2024? Check food stamp amounts

After the 2024 COLA increase, there are higher ones I click amounts in most cases. However, there is one exception and one country received a reduction. The maximum Food stamp the amounts are the same in the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia.

Let's take a look money receive in most states. For example, people who live alone can get up to $291. The average SNAP payment could be around $202, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities said.

A family of 2 can get up to $535 or up to $766 if there are three. Families of four can get I click benefits worth up to $973. It will increase to $1,155 if you are five people in one household. The maximum amount in the 48 contiguous states is 1751 dollars if you are 8


Alaska is the country that pays the most I click benefit checks. The maximum amount will be for a family of 8 living in Rural 2 areas. This check is worth up to $3,487.

Some states have larger SNAP benefit payments due to inflation, food stamps don't have the same amount in some places

A person in Alaska can get up to $374, $477 or $581. This will depend on whether you live in an urban, rural 1 or rural 2 area. I click payments for 2 people in Alaska it can cost up to 1065 dollars.

Three-member family in Alaska can get Food stamps worth up to $1,525. Families of four can receive checks worth up to $1,937. If there are five of you in a household in Alaska, that can be as high as $2,300.

Families with six or seven beneficiaries can receive SNAP checks worth up to $2,760 or $3,051. Hawaii, Guamand US Virgin Islands also have larger payouts. Hawaii is the country that did not receive an increase, but a decrease.


Hawaii send up to $527 for one person at SNAP benefits in 2024. It can go up to $967 if you are 2 or up to $1385 if you are 3 people. A family of four can receive up to $1,759.

The biggest SNAP payment in Hawaii is for families of 8. It costs up to $3,166. Each additional member can increase benefits by $396. But what about food stamps in Guam?

If you are on I click benefits in Guam, you can receive up to $2,581 if you are 8 members. A single payee can receive a payment of up to $430 in Guam. Four beneficiaries can receive up to $1,434.

The U.S. Virgin Islands also pays more money to food stamp recipients. It ranges from $375 (1 person) to $2252 (8 beneficiaries). If you have low income, get SSI and did not apply for it Food stamps it's high time to submit though!

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