What pays the most SSDI or SSI? See what the best payouts are and what could make you more money in 2024

Generally, SSDI gives more money to eligible recipients. However, this will depend on the beneficiary. some SSI recipients may receive more money than someone who is on SSDI.

If you are new to this, SSDI means Social Security Disability and SSI for additional insurance income. Both are disability benefits, but they have different requirements.

To get SSDI, you must have enough work credits. This means you must have worked for about ten years to qualify. If your disability occurs at an early age, you may need fewer years of work. SSI is only for low-income seniors (65+) or people who are blind or have a disability.


Although this will depend on your personal circumstances, the average check is $674 as of December 2023. Of course, the maximum amounts are higher, but few qualify for them.

SSI and SSDI are for people who are blind or have a qualified disability in the US, you can even get both disability benefits

A single person could receive up to $943 in 2024, up from $914. So after the latest cost-of-living adjustment, Supplemental Security Income recipients get up to $29 extra. The lower your check, the less extra money you get.

Married couples can only qualify for SSI if both are eligible. The maximum check a married couple can receive is $1,415 if they are on Supplemental Security Income.

The last group of SSI beneficiaries are important persons. In truth, they can only get up to $472, compared to $458. If your SSDI is low, you can also apply for Supplemental Security Income.


If the average SSDI payment is worth about $1,537, the average beneficiary gets about $873 more than one SSI beneficiary. Therefore, SSDI appears to be more convenient than other disability benefits.

However, it is important to work for at least 10 years to receive Social Security. Even if you can get SSDI before age 28 with only 1.5 years of work. This payment may be too low.

This is why many people on SSDI need to apply SSI. SSDI checks could go as high as $3,822 in 2024. To get that big of a payment, you must have worked for a minimum of 35 years.

What's more, you must have earned the contributions and the income base (taxable maximum) for 35 years. The file is as close to full retirement age as possible. So, apply for SSDI or Supplemental Security Income as soon as possible because the decision may take longer than expected.

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