What is the best age to claim Social Security retirement benefits in 2024?

Social security offers an opportunity to receive retirement benefits at the age of 62. That doesn’t mean you have to file as soon as you can. However, it would be the best age to do it if you have saved enough money for many years you have been in poor health or not strong enough to do hard work.

However, it is always advisable to find out the approximate amount you can get retirement. The Social security The administration has several benefit calculators.

However, it would be advisable to look at your annual report. This is the best and easiest way to see the possible amounts retirement by age and even eligibility for SSDI or survivor benefits for your spouse or children.


Undoubtedly normal retirement age can be seen as a balance. The reason many people file for Social security in FRA is the fact that they receive 100% of their benefits.

61-year-olds are on track to reach the earliest age to apply for Social Security retirement benefits in 2024.
61-year-olds are on track to reach the earliest age to apply for Social Security retirement benefits in 2024.

Remember, filing early means losing many dollars. This will prevent you from making thousands of dollars in just a few years. So make sure you don’t get unnecessary and unwanted ones 30% off at 62.

Since you may have worked for a few more years if you file in Full retirement age, you may have had more time to save money. Contributing as much as possible to your savings plans is essential.

Some people prefer to file at 62 because they will get more checks retirement. The thing is, many don’t take into account inflation and the exorbitant prices of food, services and goods.


If you are late retirement and you will turn 70 in 2024, that would be the best age to retire financially. Don’t file for Social Security after age 70 because your benefits won’t grow any further.

In fact, you can get 24 percent extra per month if you wait until you’re 70 to apply for Social security. For example, if your FRA is 67, you can get 8% extra every year you’re late retirement.

There are many elderly people who feel strong enough to continue working into their 70s. What’s more, you can continue to have a good social life as you can meet colleagues and clients.

Many people who file for retirement early end up staying at home and not participating in recreational activities. Either way, no one can decide for you when it’s best to receive retirement benefits. Sleep on it and plan it carefully.

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