What Is A Lawsuit Loan?

If you are involved in a pending lawsuit, and are in need of money for medical attention, legal services, and all other costs which come along with lawsuits, you may want to consider the option of using a Lawsuit Loan company, to help you pay for legal services and claims.

A lawsuit cash advance is where a company will provide you with the money required to try your case until the settlement comes from your pending lawsuit. There are several companies which offer Lawsuit Loans, especially to individuals with a case which is going to result in a settlement, and one in which a large amount from a large corporation is expected.

The most common cases where pending lawsuit loans are requested are for personal injury claims, road accidents, accidents at work, trip and fall accidents, and product liability claims. The lawsuit loan rates which are offered to each individual on these pending lawsuit loans will vary depending on several factors.

When a lawsuit cash advance is requested, the funding companies which provide these Lawsuit Loans will check into your credit, the type of accident, the pending claims, where the injury occurred, and approximately how much a lawyer service believes your claim may be worth. So, when the lawsuit loan rates are calculated for your Lawsuit Loan, they will be based on all these factors together, and not just one factor about the accident.

A lawsuit cash advance is a great way for you to be able to pay for medical treatment, attorney fees, and all costs which are incurred in litigation, until the pending lawsuit which is on the court docket, can be settled by both the parties to the claim. A pending lawsuit loan will remain pending until the company which offers the loan can be guaranteed you will have the funds to repay them.


There are several advantages to using lawsuit cash advance loans for your pending lawsuit. The most obvious is the money will be there for you to pay medical bills, attorney fees, damage to your car or others who were in an accident with you, and all other costs which are incurred during the litigation proceedings, and leading up to the case being heard.

Your pending lawsuit loans are something which you must keep on top of, to ensure that you are getting the money you need, in order to pay the bills which keep coming your way, while you are out of work, or must pay others due to the fact that you were involved in an accident.

Another advantage of these loans is that in most cases, the lawsuit loan rates are not too high, meaning, once the case is settled, and you do get your check, what you will owe for borrowing the money will not be nearly as high as other types of loans which you have taken. Therefore, using a lawsuit loan, rather than a personal loan, to pay for these legal services is a great way to get the money you need, and not pay such high interest rates.


There are of course disadvantages to taking Lawsuit Loans as well. First off, you are going to have to pay lawsuit loan rates on the money you are borrowing. Again, the rates are not too bad, but either way you are paying to borrow money which is required to deal with litigation. Another disadvantage is the limit to which you can borrow. This will limit the type of care you can receive, and the type of attorney you can look to hire to really defend your case for you.

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