Up to $973 worth of SNAP payments tomorrow for families of 4 in these states, check to see if you qualify for food stamps

I click or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program can help you buy healthy food. The former Food stamps may offer you higher payments after the COLA increases in 2024.

Eligible families can receive up to $1,751 if they are 8 years old I click Benefits you can get up to $291, so it will be a big help if you qualify for monthly payments.

It's true that if you live in Hawaii, Alaska, Guam or the US Virgin Islands, you may get a lot more than I click. Note that inflation is much higher there.


While some states allow 4 weeks to mail food stamps, others do not. It is true that some countries may have larger populations and more beneficiaries, so they may take longer to process payments.

SNAP benefits will allow you to buy your groceries for less money, apply for food stamps if you have a low income

States or territories for which there is only one payment day Food stamps are: Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont, Rhode Island and the US Virgin Islands.

If your state has more than one payment day and starts sending payments on February 1st, see the full list below.

Alaska: February 1st
Arizona: February 1-13
California: February 1-10
Colorado: February 1-10
Connecticut: February 1-3
The District of Columbia: February 1-10
Florida: February 1-28
Guam: February 1-10
Idaho: February 1-10
Illinois: February 1-10
Iowa: February 1-10
Kansas: February 1-10
Kentucky: February 1-19
Louisiana: February 1-23
Massachusetts: February 1-14
Missouri: February 1-22
Nebraska: February 1-5
Nevada: February 1-10
New Jersey: February 1-5
New Mexico: February 1-20
New York: February 1-9
North Dakota: February 1
Oklahoma: February 1-10
Oregon: February 1-9
Rhode Island: February 1st
South Carolina: February 1-10
South Dakota: February 10
Tennessee: February 1-20
Texas: February 1-28
US Virgin Islands: February 1
Vermont: February 1st
Virginia: February 1-7
Washington: February 1-20
West Virginia: February 1-9
Wisconsin: February 1-15
Wyoming: February 1-4


Food stamps are higher if you have a large family. For example, a family of four could receive up to $973 in 2024. If you have other income, your benefits may be lower.

For example, average I click payments for 4 people are $713, says the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. While an individual can only receive up to $291, a family of 9 can receive up to $1,970.

Each additional member can give you up to $219 extra. They can get families with 2 or 3 members I click checks worth $535 or $766 respectively.

On average, they can be $372 (3 people) or $598 (4 people). Families with 6 members can get up to $1,386 or $1,052 on average. Family of 7 up to $1,532 or $1,091 average. Apply and get extra money.

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