Understanding Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is mainly occurred in older people and 2-3% of all cases of cancer are kidney cancer. Renal cell carcinoma is a type of kidney tumor which is found mostly in adults. Kidney cancer symptoms are not occurred in children and young adults.

Important Facts about Kidney Cancer

There are also some exceptions. These are wilms tumor which is a type of pediatric kidney cancer and von Hippel-Lindau disease which is a type of hereditary kidney cancer. People are born with two kidneys except some rare cases.

The kidneys are important organs that are used for getting rid of extra water and waste from the blood. Our blood pressure is also controlled by kidneys. When kidney cancer symptoms are found in patients then doctors usually remove the kidney which is affected by cancer and patients are taken for additional treatment.

You can avoid the risk of kidney cancer if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dialysis is a kind of kidney cancer treatments which is given to the patients if both the kidneys are affected.

Common Kidney Cancer Symptoms

There are many people who are not familiar with the specific causes of kidney cancer symptoms. Two major causes of kidney cancer are smoking and obesity. The effects of kidney cancer are very slow because the tumors grow very slow.

There are some major kidney cancer symptoms like blood in the urine and pain and tiredness. People of above 40 years of age often experience back pain. People often ignore such kind of pain and the kidney cancer remains undetected. Kidney cancer results in high blood pressure.

The risk of having kidney cancer is quite huge if you have any close relative who is affected by kidney cancer. If you already have bladder cancer then you have a huge risk of having kidney cancer. More than 3% of patients having kidney cancer have inherited damaged gene.

Functional Kidney Cancer Treatments

Today people have lots of options to get treatment of kidney cancer. There are some steps of kidney cancer treatments. The primary stage of kidney cancer is surgery for removing the affected kidney. After surgery there are some treatments that are given to the patients like radiation and chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

Sometimes different variations of treatments are used depending on the severity of the treatment. A kidney transplant might be given to the patient of kidney cancer if that patient does not have any other complications.

The kidney cancer symptoms are found mostly in those people who often smoke cigarettes. If any person has high blood pressure then the risk of developing kidney cancer is high. Males are mostly affected by the kidney cancer but the reason for this is unknown.

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