Trucking Companies That Offer Paid CDL Training

The trucking industry stands as a vital cornerstone of our daily lives. Think about it – without truck drivers, essentials like food, clothing, furniture, and various other necessities wouldn’t make it to our stores. These unsung heroes ensure the smooth flow of our lives by delivering goods across the nation.

Given its crucial role in the economy, truck driving presents an enticing career path. In recent times, there has been a noticeable shortage of new truck drivers, leading to a competitive job market for those entering the industry.

To attract and retain talent, many trucking companies extend an appealing offer – they cover the costs of training, making it feasible for individuals to pursue a truck driving career even without prior experience. If you’re on the lookout for a rewarding new profession, truck driving might be just the right fit.

The Road to Becoming a Truck Driver

Securing a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is the initial step toward realizing your dream of becoming a truck driver. While various truck driving schools across the nation offer training, most of them come with hefty tuition fees.

Fortunately, many trucking companies have stepped up and now provide company-paid training programs that assist candidates in obtaining their CDL. This not only alleviates the financial burden but also guarantees a job upon completion of training.

However, there’s a catch – candidates who avail of company-paid training are typically required to commit to working for the sponsoring company for a specified period, often around 12 months.

If they choose to leave before fulfilling this commitment, they might be required to repay the tuition. So, while the prospect of a job post-training is a huge plus, it’s essential to be sure about your choice of company before embarking on the training journey.

Embracing the Training Experience

If you’re seeking an immersive learning adventure, company-paid training might be just what you’re looking for. Some of these programs might necessitate relocating to the training school’s area. However, fret not – many of these programs include provisions for housing, meals, and even transportation.

Plus, trainees often get to live alongside their peers in a dorm-style environment. Be prepared for intensive training, akin to a 10-hour-per-day “boot camp” that spans approximately 12 weeks.

Let’s delve into some of the leading company-sponsored truck driving programs available:

CR England Training School

CR England, a reputable trucking company with almost a century of experience, collaborates with Premier Truck Driving Schools to provide a path to a commercial driver’s license. This program comes with no upfront tuition costs, paid CDL training, and coverage of travel and lodging expenses.

The training centers are situated in Valparaiso, Indiana; Fontana, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Cedar Hill, Texas; and Atlanta, Georgia.

Graduates stand to benefit from a tuition subsidy of up to $6,000. This amount is usually divided into $2,000, which is deducted in small increments from the first 11 months of their salary, and the remaining $4,000, covered by the company as long as the graduate remains employed for at least a year.

FFE Trucking

With a history spanning over seven decades, FFE has established itself as a premier transporter of temperature-controlled LTL freight. The FFE Driving Academy, located in Lancaster, Texas (near Dallas), offers a comprehensive 4-week training program followed by additional weeks of on-the-road orientation. Students can look forward to modern academy facilities, single rooms with private bathrooms, meals, and various amenities.

Students at FFE won’t incur any tuition costs, as long as they commit to working with the company for 12 months post-graduation.

KLLM Trucking

KLLM, a national carrier with a fleet of over 1,500 trucks, provides a range of temperature-controlled and dry freight services. Their training facilities are situated in Jackson, Mississippi; Burns Harbor, Michigan; and Lancaster, Texas. Their training program spans five weeks, with lodging and meals provided during the training period.

Students who commit to working with KLLM for 12 months after graduation will have their tuition covered, with no repayment required.

Prime Trucking

Prime Trucking offers one of the top driver training programs in the industry. Their comprehensive courses are available at three locations: Springfield, Missouri; Pittston, Pennsylvania; and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Students receive lodging and meals, along with the option of single rooms for an additional fee. Prime even refunds the $100 administrative fee upon graduation.

By enrolling in Prime’s program, students enjoy the benefits without upfront costs. A one-year commitment is required, ensuring no financial obligations upon completion. However, early termination of the contract comes with a fee of approximately $4,800.

Roehl Transport

Roehl Transport, with a history tracing back to 1962, has evolved into a secure company with over 2,000 drivers and multiple terminals across the US. The Roehl training program, conducted in facilities like Marshfield, WI; Neenah, WI; Conley, GA; and Gary, IN, spans six weeks of school and on-the-road training. The company covers transportation, food, and lodging during this period.

Roehl’s tuition assistance program lets graduates pay their tuition without repayment, as long as they stay with the company for 15 months or complete 120,000 miles of driving (whichever comes first). Early termination of the program results in a fee of approximately $7,000.

In summary, embarking on a truck driving career via a company-sponsored training program can be a highly cost-effective and rewarding choice. While the commitment period is a factor to consider, the prospect of a guaranteed job upon completion of training makes it a compelling opportunity for those looking to break into the trucking industry.

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