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Top 5 sites to find cheap flights without a fixed destination

Looking for a spontaneous getaway but don’t have a specific destination in mind? Don’t worry, there are plenty of resources that can help you find cheap flights to fantastic destinations without breaking the bank. Here are 5 great tools that make it easy to plan affordable flights to unknown destinations.


The motto of this website, “WHERE you can go FOR what you can spend,” is also its name. Simply input your budget for both flights and hotels or just flights, desired travel dates, number of travelers, and place of departure.

You can also choose from advanced filters and settings to further refine your search. Click the “Search destination” button and explore the most suitable options for your budget.

What sets apart is their flexible financial approach. They work with your current budget, and if it’s not enough, they offer 12-month financing with 0% interest and monthly payments.


Skyscanner is a popular website for finding the cheapest flights and discovering lesser-known airlines with affordable fares. This site also allows you to search without specifying a specific date or destination. Simply enter your home city in the “From” field and find the cheapest days to travel.

Skyscanner’s flexibility is a major strength. All the cheap flights are presented in user-friendly formats such as calendars or charts. You can even download their mobile app on your device and receive notifications about price drops, eliminating the need to use a desktop for your flight search.


Skiplagged is well-known among travelers for practicing “Hidden City Ticketing.” This involves booking a flight with a layover that is actually your final destination, instead of flying the full flight.

However, this type of travel can be risky as it may be difficult to track your luggage, which may be transferred to the final destination of the original flight. It’s important to note that this may also affect your return trip, as it could be canceled.

Aside from hidden city flights, Skiplagged also offers cheap tickets for regular flights. The search process is similar to the other resources mentioned above, with easy-to-use fields. To avoid hidden city flights, simply uncheck the corresponding box.


Google Flights is another useful tool for spontaneous travelers. You can input your departure city and date or even a range of travel dates, and it will generate a list of cheap flights with the best rates.

One unique feature of Google Flights is the interactive “Explore Destinations” map, which allows you to compare prices in different cities. Additionally, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can use the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, which will suggest a random destination based on your search history and Google trends.


Adioso is a website that caters to travelers who are unsure of where to go. It offers curated Wanderlists with themes such as “The best ski resorts in the world” or “Dream trip for dessert lovers,” which can help you narrow down your options.

Once you’ve chosen your search settings, simply input your departure city and choose from options like “Anywhere,” “Wanderlist,” or even “Friends” if you want to follow in their footsteps. The date field is flexible, and you can also specify if you’ll be traveling solo or with others.

Adioso has a user-friendly interface and functions, allowing you to choose between the cheapest, fastest, most fulfilling, or most convenient options for your travel needs.


Airfare Watchdog is also a recommended site for finding cheap flights, although it didn’t make it into the main list because it only offers departure cities in the USA and Canada.

Similar to the other tools mentioned, you simply need to specify your departure city and travel dates to let Airfare Watchdog work its magic. It also provides popular destinations and city lists to choose from.

In conclusion

These five great tools for last-minute and random flights will make it easy for you to find the most wonderful, money-saving, and convenient destination for your spontaneous travel plans.

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