Thousands will receive additional Social Security benefits in December

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has just confirmed the upcoming payments in December. There will actually be five different payment days, but there will be six payments. This means there will be 2 inspections on the same day.

The first payment that Social security is scheduled for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This may be for those Americans who are not eligible for retirement or SSDI benefits. But it can also be for those who receive a small check from the administration.

Do not forget that Social security will only send 12 checks per year. Therefore, there will be no additional or bonus payment. However, if you look at the December payment schedule, there will be another SSI check on December 29th.

Why will Social Security send 2 checks to SSI beneficiaries?

The reason why the administration will send one SSI payment on December 29 is because it is an advance payment. Actually, it’s just the January payment. Note that SSA never sends payments on a holiday.

SSI recipients will cash two checks in December, Social Security has a reason for this
SSI recipients will cash two checks in December, Social Security has a reason for this

What’s more, it never will Social security weekend checks. This explains the December 29 payment to SSI beneficiaries. New Years is a holiday, so the SSA has rescheduled the payment to January 1st and will receive it three days before.

Since December 29 is the previous business day, this is the day that Administration has chosen. Despite the fact that this may be surprising to a newbie SSI Beneficiariesothers may be accustomed to these payments before maturity.

Even if you believe that this will be the only surprise for SSI Recipients, there is one more thing you might be interested to know. For example, you should know that the SSI payment amounts will not be the same.

Social Security has announced maximum SSI amounts

Not all SSI beneficiaries receive the same amount from money monthly. Although some recipients may qualify for the largest paymentothers may receive much less because they also have Social Security retirement benefits or SSDI.

The maximum amount an SSI the beneficiary can receive on December 1, 2023 is $914 if you are single. Principals can receive up to $458. Unless you’re an eligible married couple, you won’t qualify for up to $1,371.

thank the CAR increase, there will be a growth of 3.2%. Thus, if you are eligible for the largest SSI, you will collect $943 on December 29th. Getting $29 extra a month might not be that much, but it will definitely be worth it.

Eligible married couples can receive up to $1,415. Important persons can receive up to $472. Therefore, Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries will be the first Americans to receive the cost-of-living adjustment in 2023. The rest of the beneficiaries will have to wait until January.

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