Thousands of Americans will receive up to $1,751 in food stamps (SNAP) through December 23 in these states

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly Food stamps program) is a federal program. However, each country can choose when to send money of those citizens of I click Benefits.

Even if the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) through the Food and Nutrition Service funds Food stampsstates can decide whether to send one payment to all beneficiaries or to send it throughout the month.

For example, Alaska sent it on December 1st, so there won’t be another payment until January 1st. It is true that sometimes there are delays in Alaska, but this is not very common and Food stamps they are usually on time.


Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana and Maryland are the sending countries SNAP checks through Dec. 23. However, not all of them organize payments in the same way.

Some may prefer to send payments based on your social security number, others take the first letter of the client’s last name, and others take the case number. But these are not the only possibilities, so let’s look at the way Food stamps will arrive in these 5 countries.

Alabama started sending SNAP benefits on December 4th and use the last two digits of the client’s case number. December 14th will be payment day if your case number ends in 50-54. December 23rd will be the last payment for those whose case numbers end in 95-99.

Delaware started sending money on December 2nd. In their case, they use the first letter of the beneficiary’s last name. These citizens of Food stamps whose first letter of the last name is M, will receive it on December 14. If it is Q or R on December 18th, U or V on December 21st and finally X, Y or Z on December 23rd.


The next payment will arrive on December 15th at Georgia. If your ID card ends in 50-59, you will receive Food stamps on December 15. December 17th will follow the payment on December 15th. But only if the ID number ends in 60-69.

Indiana also uses the first letter of the recipient’s last name. There is a payment every two days starting on December 5th and ending on December 23rd. – for example, the payment day of December 15 will be for you if the letter of your last name starts with M or N.

Look at the last digit of your social security number if you live in Louisiana. The next payments will be on December 15, 17, 19, 21 and 23. SSN must end in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 respectively.

Last but not least, Maryland. The I click office uses the first three letters of your last name. For example, if it is KIN – LOX, your food stamps will be on your EBT card on December 14th. The maximum amount of these checks will be 1751 dollars if you are 8 people. Or $973 if you are 4. A person can reach up to $291.

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