Those born between the 11th and 20th of each month will receive up to $4,873 on January 17

The beginning of the year comes with good news like COLA Increase, 3.2% last year, will reach the pockets of all American retirees and people with disabilities.

Since the increase was announced in October, Social Security Beneficiaries have done the math to figure out how much they’ll get. The maximum pension will be increased by $318. A good economic resource to meet the cost of living increase in 2023.

In order to know well how the distribution of social benefits is done, we must take into account our date of birth, although the year does not matter.

Retirees who retired before 1997 have already received their checks. By default, these pensioners are always paid on the same day, the 3rd of every month.

This is not the same for post-1997 retirees.

When does a retiree or Social Security Disability beneficiary get paid in January?

Below is the Social Security payment schedule for January:

  • Born January 1-10: January 10, 2024
  • Born 11 – 20: January 17, 2024
  • Born 20 – 31: January 24, 2024

Depending on how you chose to receive your payment, it will be paid the same day or three days later. If you find that you are not receiving your pension after these days, do not hesitate to contact Social Security.

How much can retirees get in their January checks?

Social security payments are not the same for all pensioners. This is because your pension benefits depend on your previous work and earnings history. But not only that.

It is vital to know that your payments it may be higher or lower depending on when you file. Filing early can reduce your checks by 30%. Late filing can increase it by 24%.

So, the only way to redeem 100% of your payments is to file at full retirement age. The average payment for all retired workers is $1,907 in January 2024. The biggest check if you file at age 70 this year is $4,873. It could be $3,822 if you file at full retirement age in 2024, or $2,710 at age 62.

Since all Social Security recipients receive 3.2% more per month, they could get about $59 extra in January. The previous average was just $1,848 in December 2023. Payments can be much lower if you filed early, haven’t worked for many years, or had a low salary.

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