This month’s food stamp payments, SNAP checks worth up to $1,751 in the US

The United States Department of Agriculture announced the shipping states SNAP payments this week. While states such as Alaska, Rhode Island, Vermont, North Dakota and the U.S. Virgin Islands sent all their checks on Dec. 1, others continue to do so.

For example, Alabama starts sending SNAP checks from December 4 to December 23. Arizona, Arkansas and Minnesota will also send checks from December 4th through December 13th.

Several states send food stamps from December 1-10 and they are: California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nevada, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.


Nebraska and New Jersey will ship Food stamps on both days. Hawaii will send this money on December 5th. Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland and Indiana will send checks by December 23. Florida and Texas will pay out the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program by December 28.

Food stamps are on the way in many states, check your SNAP EBT card
Food stamps are on the way in many states, check your SNAP EBT card

Wyoming sends out checks on December 4th and that will be the last day to pay. Montana by December 6th and New Hampshire by December 5th. Another group of states started on December 1-2 and will continue to pay I click benefits until December 20. They are New Mexico, Ohio, Tennessee and Washington.

It will take one day longer to receive Food stamps in Mississippi, Michigan and North Carolina. So they can get their money by December 21st. It will be until December 22nd in Missouri.

Kentucky will send I click benefits until December 19. Maine and Massachusetts until December 14th. New York, West Virginia and Oregon will only pay benefits until December 9. Virginia sends out food stamps from December 1st through December 7th.


Pennsylvania will end paying SNAP checks on the 14th. South Dakota will have just one day to pay on December 10. Unlike most states, Utah has three pay days, December 5th, 11th and 15th.

The maximum amounts I click beneficiaries can get in the 48 neighboring states are the same. The District of Columbia also pays these amounts. For example, if you’re just one person, your check could be up to $291.

A family of four can receive a large payment of up to $973. Keep in mind that the USDA only gives a fraction of the money you need for food. In truth, you should have other income as well.

Of course, your income must be low. The top amount this year is $1,751 if you have a family of 8 in the United States and meet the income and resources requirements. Average payouts are usually smaller, so don’t expect huge amounts.

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