This is the only way to get two SSI payments in December 2023

When a citizen of United States begins to collect a Social security check every month, he or she is always eligible for SSI. Although it is true that several requirements must be met, many Americans who have access to this benefit do not apply for it because they do not know that they can do so.

Well, just like Social Security retirement benefitsAmericans can claim SSI and get it every month. This benefit is kind of like a supplement to your retirement checks, but you don’t have to be retired to get the payment.

Contrary to what many Americans think, SSI payment does not require previous retired status. Therefore, without being pensioners, we can claim the payment. But there are other requirements that are mandatory and therefore we must comply with them.

But in case of as SSI is accepted we can receive up to two different payments in the month of December. This situation is completely irregular, but it is possible to cash these two checks in the same month thanks to a small change in the payment schedule.


SSI payments they always arrive on the 1st of every month. However, when that day is a holiday or weekend, payment is made on another day. To be precise, the administration sends SSI checks on the immediately preceding working day, when the 1st of the month is a holiday or holiday.

The Social Security Administration will send a double SSI payment in December
The Social Security Administration will send a double SSI payment in December

There is no change with December 1, as it is a normal working day. But the change will come on January 1, as that day is a holiday. As this happens, the immediately preceding business day is December 29which causes the Administration to send the payment in advance.

This means that since it is a January payment, the December 29th check is actually from calendar 2024. Therefore, we will have 3.2% of COLA added to that payment.

So you can expect to receive two SSI payments in the month of December both payments will be different amounts. The payment on December 1st will have the usual amount, but the 2024 COLA will be added to the payment on December 29th.

On December 1st, we will have a high of $914, but on December 29th, that high will reach $943. After the last payment in December, all checks for this benefit will be able to reach this amount.

Then, to receive both checks in December, you must activate Direct deposit. With this collection method, you can receive your payment the same time the Social Security Administration sends it. If you did not activate this collection method, you will not be able to receive a double SSI payment in December because the check will arrive several days later.

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