This group of adults will get $59 more next week

The new Social security payments are very close for millions United States pensioners who are part of group 2 beneficiaries. To be part of this group, only two conditions must be met. If we meet both conditions, we will be able to receive the payment with an average increase of $59.

This increase is not for all beneficiaries. ok not all seniors will get this exact increase. Each citizen of the United States gets a different increase depending on the check they cash in 2023. Therefore, the important thing is that the check is accepted. Once this first step is already completed, we will be able to know an approximate amount of the payment that we will receive each new month of 2024.

However, regardless of the amount we collect and the type of compensation we have, we will receive the payment in January. Pensioners can be paid up to four different days of the month. But you can only receive one of these payments, as each Senior belongs to a group and each group belongs to a social security payment day.

Which group of seniors will receive Social Security next week?

The exact day the beneficiaries will receive this payment will be January 10. That will be in less than a week, so we may find that in just a few days we will have a check with a COLA increase added to it.

Social Security wages for seniors will increase in 2024
Social Security wages for seniors will increase in 2024

If you are a Senior who gets paid on the second Wednesday of every month, you’ll get a check within the next week. To determine whether we are part of this group or not, we will have to look at the requirements. There is two requirements to cash that Social Security check.

The first of these requirements is to have a retirement check after 1997. The second requirement is to have a birthday between the 1st and 10th of the month. So if a Senior was born between the first ten days of the month and has Social Security since after 1997 they have access to this new check.

As for the increase, each benefit increases differently. $59 is the increase for average checks, but not everyone has an average check. Compared to the previous year, 2023, each payment to a beneficiary increases by 3.2%. So each retiree will get $32 more for every $1,000 they collected in the previous year.

Other social security in the coming weeks

After this January 10 payment, the Social Security Administration will send other checks to retirees in the United States. Elderly may receive more payments on January 17th and 24th. But we will only be able to receive one of these checks as these are pension payments and only one can be cashed per month.

On the other hand, the additional insurance income will arrive on February 1. This additional payment has its own requirements and arrives on the same day for all beneficiaries. The maximum amount for recipients of this benefit is $943.

You don’t have to have Social Security to a senior to receive additional insurance income. You must be 65 years of age or older or have a disability, as well as low means.

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