This Australian town is giving away $13,000 to those who move there and this is the condition

The call has been in force for two years and according to the authorities it has been welcomed by people from all over Australia and other countries.

The Australian town of Quilpie, a town with year-round sunshine, offers people £10,000 (€11,388, – $12,433) to move there permanently.   

About 590 kilometers from the state capital, Brisbane, this place has two supermarkets, a butcher shop, a bakery, a news agency, a hairdresser, a hospital, a medical center and a pharmacy.  

In addition, it has two schools and a preschool education center so those who have children do not have to worry about the education of their minors. 

It should be mentioned that this offer comes with some conditions. Those who move and want the money are expected to build on their own land and live in their new home for at least six months before receiving the cash injection.   

Authorities in the small town of Quilpie, Queensland, hope to increase their population from 800 residents to 1,000 through this Homeowner Grant Program.  

The Quilpie Shire CEO said: “We were the first council in Outback Queensland to introduce such a policy, and it was a huge success. “We had interest from all over Australia, as well as globally from the US, India and Ireland.” 

He added that “two years later, we continue to increase our population and people are interested in moving, especially because of the cost of living on the coast and the big city metropolitan areas.” 

The good thing about living in Australia  

Australia is the perfect country to live, work and raise a family, as it offers you a quality of life among the highest in the world, with beautiful and cosmopolitan cities. 

It has a safe, friendly and multicultural environment, a stable economy, schools and hospitals with the best quality, pleasant climate, fantastic landscapes and beaches. 

Quality of life

With a lifestyle that is hard to match, Australia offers you one of the highest standards of living in the world.  

Life in Australia with a safe, friendly and sophisticated lifestyle attracts thousands of professionals from all over the world. 

Australian cities are very safe, they have pollution-free blue skies and little traffic, with pleasant climates all year round. In Australia you will not suffer from the cold, since it does not snow in the country’s main cities during the winter.  

Its climate ranges from tropical to temperate and sunny almost all the time. So after work, you can go swimming on beautiful beaches with white sand. 

Strong economy  

Australia is a land of opportunities to live and work, it has a diverse, dynamic and thriving economy. According to its Gross Domestic Product, it is among the top 15 economies in the world.  

Its main strengths are found in agriculture, mining, energy, manufacturing, and technology.  

Its economy has grown uninterruptedly in the last 23 years, and it has the lowest unemployment rate in developed countries.   

Among the main economic advantages of Australia are: 

  • Abundance of natural resources. 
  • Modern and efficient infrastructure. 
  • Highly competitive business environment. 
  • Multicultural, productive and highly trained workforce. 
  • Responsible financial system. 
  • Strong commitment to new technologies and innovation. 
  • Low taxes compared to other countries. 

Good education and health system  

Australia offers you world-class education, with one of the best educational systems in the world, with universities ranked among the best in the world. 

Australia is at the global forefront in several fields of science and technology. 

Australia has a universal public health system recognized as world-class for its high quality. 

It guarantees all Australians and permanent residents access to a wide spectrum of health services. 

Welcomes migrants very well  

Australia is a multicultural nation. People of more than 150 different nationalities live, work and study in Australia; They speak more than 170 languages, and practice more than 100 religions. 

In any Australian city or even town, it is easy to find restaurants with typical food from all over the world, including Mexican, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Latin food restaurants.  

Furthermore, throughout the country, you can find a market that sells typical foods or meals from your country of origin. So no matter where you are from, you will always be welcomed and respected. 

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