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Social security benefits will soon be higher than in 2023. The best news for all Americans who receive SSDI (disability benefits), SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or retirement benefits. Although this is only a 3.2% increase, it is a positive change.

Remember that Social Security Administration increased all benefits by 8.7% in 2023, so with an additional 3.2% in 2024, your benefits will have increased by 11.9% in just two years. If the average boost is only 2 percent, that sounds like a fantastic deal.

Retirees who file later for Social security usually receive larger payments. For example, if you file at age 70, you will receive an award from the administration. That reward is about 24% if you delay retirement until age 70.


The amount of your Social Security retirement benefits at age 70 it can be up to $4,873. However, not everyone qualifies for such a large payment in 2024. If the average payment for all retirees will be $1,907 in 2024, a 70 years old who just filed can get $2,364.

The Younger You Filed for Social Security, the Lower Your Payment Will Be in 2024 United States Retiree Checks
The younger you filed for Social Security, the lower your payment will be

Remember, filing at age 70 can be a wise decision if what you need is more money in retirement. Americans who are 62 or older can apply Social security. But some overlook the fact that they can get 30 percent less.

Because not all seniors can afford it lose 30% of their benefits, it would be advisable to wait and delay retirement. For example, wait until you reach full retirement age. This is the only opportunity to redeem 100% of your benefits.

Use yours Declaration of social security to find out your full retirement age and your possible future payments. This way you can see approximate amounts before you file at different ages. Let’s compare the possible amounts at age 62 and at full retirement age.


The maximum amount a person can receive 62 is $2,572 in 2023. After the Social Security COLA jump, it will $2,710 in 2024. Therefore, those who meet the salary, years of work and filing age will receive the largest payment at age 62.

Imagine filing at age 62, the average Social Security payment would be 30% lower. So $1907 will become $1335. Consequently, many seniors who file early would be saying no to thousands of dollars in retirement.

It is true that 62 is the best age to file if you are in poor health. Or if you are unemployed and can’t find a job. Others prefer to file early because they won’t need much money after retirement. At full retirement age, checks can be higher.

The maximum payment at full retirement age will be $3,627 in 2023. After the COLA increase, it could reach $3,822. Not many workers can qualify for such a large check, but it is possible for some high earners to cash it.

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