These states are sending out SNAP food stamps this week to help build our healthy diets

One of the main goals of SNAP food stamp checks is that healthy eating should be present more in the daily life of United States citizens. Among other things, the money from this benefit cannot be used to buy things such as alcohol, which is not recommended for health.

Like SNAP food stamps the money cannot be used for every purchase, the American should spend it on what he really needs. And in most cases, this money is used to buy the necessary foods, making the diet of these citizens healthier and more balanced.

However, it is true that the money from this compensation sometimes cannot be used for its intended purpose. The list of foods on which SNAP food stamps check can be spent is very long. But much of the goal has been achieved, so it’s good news to get that monthly check.

Later this week, many states will send new payments of this benefit for Americans to have access to food. So if we live in one of these states and qualify, we’ll only have to wait a few days until we have the money available.


There are some countries that have already graduated SNAP food stamps check payment schedule, but some of them are still sending new checks. Therefore, if we do not have SNAP money it’s still available, we might get it in the next few weeks.

You can buy food with the money from SNAP Food Stamps
You can buy food with the money from SNAP Food Stamps

Remember that food stamp payments vary by state. Unlike Social Security checksFood stamp payments are sent on different days depending on where you live.

Here are the states we can reach SNAP food stamps this week:

  • Alabama: November 4-23
  • Delaware: November 2-23
  • Florida: November 1-28
  • Georgia: November 5-23 Indiana: November 5-23
  • Louisiana: November 1-23
  • Maryland: November 4-23
  • Michigan: November 3-21
  • Mississippi: November 4-21
  • Missouri: November 1-22
  • New Mexico: November 1-20
  • North Carolina: November 3-21
  • Ohio: November 2-20
  • Tennessee: November 1-20
  • Texas: November 1-28
  • Washington: November 1-20

It is important to always keep in mind that the payment schedule for this benefit is indicative. There are some states that pay out all benefits on the same day, and there are others where payments are sent alphabetically to beneficiaries.


Except to see which day the state will send us SNAP food stampwith checks, there are other ways to keep track of the money coming in from this benefit. The best way to know exactly if we’ve already collected the money is to look at our EBT card balance.

As soon as the EBT card has more money than before, we’ll know we’ve already received Money from SNAP food stamps. There are many ways to check your balance and participating stores will be able to help you do it.

Remember that you can’t just buy anything with this money and you can’t use this card in any store. Also note that in some countries it is possible to use this card for dining at restaurants.

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