These retirees and disabled beneficiaries will receive a new Social Security Notice

It’s important to stay informed when it comes to Social security changes and notes. Overpayments are one of the reasons why the Administration will contact you, but this time it is not about that.

In December 2023, Social Security Administration will send notices to all retirement and disability beneficiaries. The reason for this is to inform them of their new COLA increase and amounts.

Most disability and retirement beneficiaries will be able to check it online. The only thing you need to look for is the Message Center on your my Social security account. If you don’t already have an SSA account, you can easily create one. It is free and secure.


You may receive COLA notices from Social security by mail. However, this is not possible if you have opted out of receiving notifications by mail. Of course, their opt-out is only possible for notifications that are available online.

Social Security may mail you a COLA notice
Social Security may mail you a COLA notice

If you have not received my Social security account, create one. Then visit the Message Center to see if you received any notifications. Then make sure you choose your preferred way to receive messages, by mail or online.

Choosing how you prefer to receive friendly notifications Social security it’s simple. That way, you won’t miss important information. Do not click on links you receive in the mail or on your mobile phone.

There are too many scams these days that try to trick people into giving out personal information or even sending money. If you are not sure whether Social security contacts you or not, visit them before you do something you may regret.


Apart from the COLA notice, the Administration has informed about the amounts payable for Beneficiaries of supplementary insurance income. That will be December 29, 2023, when SSI recipients will receive their COLA increase.

The new SSI amounts will be $943, $1415 and $472 for a single, married or dependent person receiving these benefits in 2024. An SSDI beneficiary can receive $1,489 in 2023 and will be $1,537 in 2024.

Pensioners will receive higher payments on average. So their increase will be more than the $50 increase for everyone Social security beneficiaries. In truth, it will be around $59.

Retirees receive an average of $1,848 in 2023, but after the COLA jump in 2024, that will be $1,907. The maximum amounts for pensioners have also been increased. At age 70, you can receive up to $4,873 in 2024. The largest payment at full retirement age will be $43,822 in 2024.

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