These couples at age 62 can receive a $5,420 payment from Social Security in the United States

Not everyone qualifies for Social Security retirement benefits. Some people are surprised to find out that they don’t qualify for monthly checks after they reach retirement age.

In fact, you must have worked for at least 10 years to qualify Social security. Of course, your job must be covered by Social Security. Some jobs are not.

If you haven’t paid enough taxes for Social security, you will also not be eligible for retirement or disability benefits. But if you have worked for many years and earned a lot, there may be good news for you.


If you turn 62 2024you can file for Social security retirement benefits. Before you file your return, it’s important to get a statement to check the possible amounts depending on the age you’re filing.

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If you and your spouse meet three basic requirements, you may get $5,420 in 2024. The first requirement to redeem such a large payment is to have a working experience of at least 35 years.

Remember that if you don’t work 35 yearsYours Social security benefits will be lower. So those who have worked for fewer years must continue to work if they do not want to receive a reduction.

In this case, 35 years of service is essential, but not sufficient. There are two more conditions you must meet before you get more than $5,000 a month for your spouse and yourself.


Workers who haven’t earned the taxable maximum for 35 years won’t be eligible for the $5,420 payment in 2024. In this case, it’s even more complicated because you and your spouse must meet all three requirements.

So if you earned the contribution base and income (taxable maximum) for 35 years and you both retire at 62, you could collect $5,420. The Social security The administration recently confirmed new maximum amounts in 2024.

So if you’re single and meet all the requirements, you’ll get $2,710 in 2024. Those who meet all the requirements but are 70 in 2024 can get up to $4,873 if they’re single. Seniors at full retirement age could receive up to $3,822 in 2024. SSA.

This may be impossible for many workers. The lesson to learn from all of this is that your income matters to your bottom line. The age you submit can also reduce or increase your payments. And the number of years you work also affects the payments. File to receive money monthly.

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