These are the Social Security changes for disability benefits recipients in 2024

There is some good news if you are on disability benefits in 2024. The Social Security Administration confirmed several changes for those of SSDI and SSI. Both payments offer an opportunity to apply if you have a qualifying condition.

First and foremost, let’s look at Social Security Disability thresholds. These are the limits you must respect if you work and receive disability benefits at the same time. This maximum level is known as significant gainful activity.

If you exceed this SGA threshold, your benefits will be reduced. Remember that if you are on disability benefits and you work, you must report it to Social Security. Sometimes this can affect your monthly payments.


The new Social Security disability threshold amounts are higher. If you’re not blind, that would be less than $1,150 a month, down from $1,470. Blind people may have higher thresholds. For example, it will soon be $2,590 in 2024 versus $2,460.

New thresholds for people on disability benefits who work at the same time

The maximum amount for the trial period of work is $1110 per month. It is currently $1,050 in 2023, so there is a $60 difference between the current amount and the future amount. Getting more money it will definitely matter.

SSDI payments will also be higher after the COLA increases in 2024. Remember that the new maximum amount for Americans on disability benefits will be 3822 dollars, from $3627. Average payments are just $1,489 in 2023 or $1,537 in 2024.

This means that on average disability benefits will go up by $48. Just two dollars below all Social Security beneficiaries. Some SSDI recipients can collect SSI. This is supplementary insurance income and benefits will also rise by 3.2%.


People with a impairment they can also receive supplementary social security income if they have a low income. Even collecting SSDI you can apply for them disability benefits. The best thing about SSI is that it also allows you to qualify for other benefits like SNAP (food stamps).

The new maximum amount for Supplemental Security Income is $943, so it has increased by $29. The last SSI payment was up to $914 on December 1st. In fact, the January SSI payment will arrive on December 29th.

It will bring the new CAR boost and married couples can get up to $1,415. The current amount is up to $1371. Receiving $44 extra it will soon be possible if you’re eligible for the biggest SSI check in 2024.

Don’t delay SSI or SSDI disability benefits application. It may take longer than expected to get a decision from Social Security. That’s why it’s vital that you file as soon as you can prove your case impairment with a medical certificate.

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