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More than 70 million Americans have received Social security benefits in 2023. There are 4 different pay days each month and seniors can only qualify for one of them. If you receive two payments a month, one will be for SSI and the other from retirement or impairment Benefits.

although SSI payment usually arrives on the first day of the month, sometimes arrives a few days in advance Social security. This will be the case with the SSI payment for January, which will be sent on December 29.

So it will arrive right after Social Security retirement check on December 27. Not all pensioners qualify for the last pensioner payment of the year. So let’s look at the requirements to be eligible.


This payment will not be for those seniors who started receiving pension benefits before May 1997. In fact, they received their money on December 1, 2023. Those who received a payment from the administration on December 13 or 20 will also not qualify.

Millions of American seniors are waiting for their next Social Security payment in 2023 and 2024.
Millions of American seniors are waiting for their next Social Security payment in 2023 and 2024.

If you are receiving retirement benefits and have not yet received a payment in December, you must meet one requirement to receive this new check. The Social Security Administration said that this payment will be for those whose date of birth is from 21st to 31st.

So if you meet the birthday requirement, you will receive a check in about 48 hours. Don’t worry if you don’t receive it in the same days. Some banks take longer to process payments.

The Social Security Administration reminds seniors to wait three postal days to be contacted about a late payment. Undoubtedly, most pensioners will not have to wait and will receive their money on December 27. This payment will only have the 2023 COLA, but not the 2024 COLA increase.


If you qualify for the latter Social security payment of the year you can get up to $4,555. To receive this large payment, you must have earned the taxable maximum for 35 years and filed at age 70.

Therefore, it is very unlikely that you will get the maximum amount. Average payments are more frequent and are around $1,848 in 2023. After the COLA increases, they will become 1907 dollars from January onwards.

If you receive Social security as a spouse, the average payments are about $855 as of November 2023. So the amount will be very similar on December 27th. Some children of retired workers may qualify for benefits on the worker’s file.

The average payment for children of retired workers is also about $862 as of November 2023. If you haven’t claimed spousal benefits, do so to get more money next time Social security payment.

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