These are the only retirees who will receive a payment of up to $4,555 on December 13

Are you Social Security Beneficiary and you still haven’t collected? If so, you probably belong to the group of people who retired after 1997, because this group of retirees gets paid on the 3rd of every month.

To find out exactly who is getting paid next Wednesday, December 13, you should continue reading this month’s social security payments list.

It’s important to know that in order to receive payment on your checking account, you must have all documentation up to date. You can check it on direct debit or anyone Social Security Office.

Again, those who applied for a pension after 1997 will receive theirs Social security benefit on one of the three Wednesdays used by the administration to distribute the money.

For purposes of order, the Government has determined that the payment of pensions will be arranged by date of birth as follows

  • Born 1 to 10: second Wednesday of the month. December 13
  • Born from 11 to 20: the third Wednesday of the month. December 20
  • Born 21 to 31: fourth Wednesday of the month, last payment of the year, December 27.

The maximum payment in 2023 is set at $4,555 due to the 8.5% COLA increase. For next year, it will be 3.2%, so all Social Security beneficiaries will get more money starting in January. (See 2024 maximum payment schedule).


To get the maximum, you must have retired at age 70 or older, something not everyone can do.

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