these are the marital requirements to receive the check

You need to know how from the start Social Security retirement benefits work. This way you can get more money when you file. The more money you get as pensionerthe better quality of life you will have.

If you have never worked, you can never get benefits on your own record. Moreover, some jobs are not covered by Social Security. Since they don't pay any taxes to Social Security, you can't claim retirement benefits.

Also, some workers may have started work later than usual for various reasons, so they may not have worked for at least ten years when they reach retirement age. Ten years of service is the minimum you should get retirement Benefits from the SSA. But what about spousal benefits?


The Social Security Administration informs about 2024 requirements for spousal benefits on Twitter. As a matter of fact, you must have been married for at least one year before you can claim spousal benefits in the United States.

Unless you've been married for a year, you can't claim spousal benefits, even if your spouse receives retirement checks

Therefore, it is not possible to receive spousal benefits if you were married only for a few months. Even if your spouse is eligible for Social Security retirement benefits, you can't claim them yet. Unless you meet one requirement.

The Social Security Administration claims there is an exception to the 1-year rule. If you are the parent of your spouse's child, the SSA will not consider the one-year rule.

Therefore, if your spouse and you have a child, you will receive spousal benefits while your spouse collects retirement checks. But there are people who are no longer married, so what about them?


If yours ex husband begins to receive Social Security retirement benefits, you may also be entitled to monthly benefits. However, this is not possible for everyone because there are strict rules that you must follow.

In fact, Social security informs that a divorced spouse can receive spousal benefits if they have been married for at least 10 years. Therefore, if you have only been married for a few months or years, you will not receive spousal benefits.

retirement the benefits can be greater if you follow these tips. File at age 70 to receive a 24% reward from the administration. Work for a minimum of 35 years and make sure your salary is high.

Only those who earn the taxable maximum over 35 years can get a retirement payment worth up to $4,873 in 2024. So, apply for spousal benefits when your spouse files for Social Security, if eligible.

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