These are the Americans who will be cashing two Social Security checks in December

The last month of 2023 will have several irregularities for Social Security Beneficiaries in the United States. With that in mind, we need to take a good look at the calendar to get the best financial organization in our household. By knowing what day we can receive our Social Security checks, we will be able to have a better handle on the family economy.

Generally, The administration will send 6 different checks in the month of December. As is obvious to all Americans on benefits, getting all six checks is impossible. But it is possible to get half of them. A Recipient of social security and supplementary insurance benefits can cash up to 3 different checks out of these 6.

The day you receive these payments will depend on several factors, but here are two Social Security Administration sends to all recipients equally. These two checks are Supplemental Security Income, which are of the same date for all Americans. The other benefits are disability or age pension payments and these payments will be on different days depending on which group the pensioner belongs to. Do you know how many checks you should receive in December?


To get these two payments on the same day of December 1st, several requirements must be met. These requirements are the same for all Americans. Therefore, if we do not meet these requirements, we will not be able to receive the payment on December 1st. We may receive two or even three payments in a month, but we will not be able to receive both benefits on the same day.

These are the requirements for receiving dual Social Security
These are the requirements for receiving dual Social Security

In order to have these two checks on December 1st, we must have both Social Security and Supplemental Security Income checks are accepted. However, not all SSA beneficiaries will receive this payment. Only pensioners with benefits after 1997 can receive this check.

Therefore, the mandatory requirements are that you have SSI and applied for retirement before 1997. And it doesn’t matter what type of retirement we have, because the year of retirement is what marks whether we collect on that day or not.

On the other hand, the collection method is also key so that you can receive the payments on December 1st. The Social Security Administration will pay these checks, but whether or not we receive them that day will depend on whether we have Direct Deposit enabled or not. So by enabling this collection method we will be able to receive these payments on the same day.


In addition to these payments, Social security The administration will send other various payments within the month of December. In fact, some benefit recipients may receive up to 3 different checks within days of each other during the month due to irregularity.

If we have accepted supplementary insurance income, we will not receive the payment until the 1st of the month. We will also be able to receive this benefit on the 29th day of December 2023. This payment is before the January 2024 check so there will be Added 3.2% COLAso we would see a maximum check of $943.

Finally, pension payments won’t just be on the 1st. For pensioners after 1997 Social security payment may arrive on December 13, 20 and 27 depending on the pensioner’s birthday.

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