These 2 states still send SNAP benefits up to $1970, check payment dates here

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (I click) helps American families buy food if they have low incomes. It was known as Food stampsbut many Americans still prefer to continue using this name.

States of Florida and Texas have not completed sending Food stamps. Therefore, some SNAP beneficiaries may still receive money they are entitled to. Once it's on their e-benefits transfer card, you can buy online or in store.

To know when you can get Food stamps in Florida you should pay close attention to your SNAP case number. However, you should read it from back to front. Use only the 9th and 8th digits, get rid of the 10th.


A SNAP check can be yours on January 18 if your case number 9th and 8th digit is 61-64. If it's 65-67, you'll get yours money on January 19. January 20th will be your payday if it's 68-71.

The amount of your food stamps depends on several things, SNAP recipients may get less money if they are single

Food stamps will continue to arrive Florida until January 28. Remember you can get to 1970 dollars but only if you are a family of nine. If you have other income, you may get a discount. A person can get as little as $291 in the 48 contiguous states.

So it's not always possible to get the most out of SNAP. On January 21st, food stamps will be yours if your 9th and 8th digit case number is 72-74. If it is 75-78. will be on your EBT card on January 22nd.

The next case number to receive Food stamps would be 79-81, 82-85, 86-88, 89-92, 93-95, 96-99. The payment days will be January 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 respectively. But what about SNAP checks in Texas?


Unlike Florida, Texas uses the group number to determine eligibility or EDG. For example, if your EDG ends on 07-10 or 61-64, you will redeem your Food stamps on January 18.

SNAP recipients whose Texas EDG is 11-13 or 65-67 will receive their food stamps on January 19. If it's 14-17 or 68-71, you'll redeem your payment on January 20th.

Note that a family of four can receive up to $943 in food stamps. If you're five, that can go up to $1,155. The average checks may be lower, but they are still worth getting.

  • EDG ending 18-20 or 72-74: payment day 21 January
  • EDG ending 21-24 or 75-78: payment day January 22
  • EDG ending 25-27 or 79-81: payment day 23 January
  • EDG ending 28-31 or 82-85: payment day January 24

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