The Top Schools for Information Security Programs

Thinking about pursuing a career in IT securities? Here is a list of top universities with the best traditional and online programs in the U.S.

Grantham University

This program is geared towards students looking to begin a career in the corporate IT security business sector. Individuals who graduate with a degree from Grantham University will be prepared to solve a number of business system structural-related risks and can utilize their skill sets to pass a number of industry certifications.

Western Governors University

Western Governors University is an ideal program to help further current careers. Graduates of the program are prepared to pass a number of certification exams, including Cisco’s CCNA examination and Microsoft’s security exams. The program is unique because it allows the student to study on their own time, at their own pace.

University of Phoenix

Phoenix is one of most respected and well-known online universities today. Some of the top IT professionals in the industry graduated with a bachelor’s degree in information systems security from this accredited institution. The curriculum at Phoenix is a unique one that requires both traditional lectures and intensive lab exercises to enhance critical thinking.

Kaplan University

Kaplan is another renowned online school with a great bachelor’s degree program in information security. The program allows students to pick one of several different paths to suit their specific career interests.

Baker College

Baker College is a nationally-accredited four year institution. Students have the option to enroll in a number of degree programs that are offered only in an online format. The university’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Security prepares students for careers in system and network security. The program is designed for people who are too busy to commit to a full time degree program.

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