The Top 10 Schools for Computer Science

Many aspiring students are rightfully concerned about the reputation and quality of the degree program they are about to begin. Here is a list of the top 10 computer science schools in the USA, and a brief explanation of why they rank so high:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The reason this name isn’t a surprise is the reason it is the number one program for computer science degrees. Employers worldwide respect the reputation of this school.

Stanford University
A perennial candidate for top programs in a variety of fields, Stanford ranks high in computer science based on the quality of their research program.

University of California at Berkeley
Located close to Silicon Valley, UCB offers a solid combination of strong academics, great employer reputation, and a growing ranking in their research program’s quality.

Harvard University
No list that takes employer reputation into account would be complete without Harvard. The long-time educational juggernaut is well known for having top programs in most areas.

California Institute of Technology
CalTech may not have the name recognition of some of the other programs on the list. However, it more than makes up for that by virtue of its proximity to technological centers.

University of California at Los Angeles
Following with the California theme, UCLA is a great choice for students looking to study computer science. This program is strong across academics, reputation, and research programs.

Carnegie Mellon University
Strong academics overall make CMU a good choice for anyone looking for a computer science program with a heavyweight name attached to it.

While also possessing a very recognizable name, Princeton also has a very strong research program when it comes to computer science fields.

Cornell University
Continuing the notion that great computer science schools are either Ivy League schools or located in California, Cornell ranks high due to solid academics and similarly strong research programs.

Yale University
Employer recognition and respect is the number one selling point for the computer science program at Yale.

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