The Social Security Administration may not send you your December SSI check for this reason

The Social Security Administration sends thousands United States citizens a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) check each month. But in order to receive one of these checks, certain requirements must be met. These requirements do not change the amount of the check, but they are mandatory.

Therefore, at some point we can lose ours Supplemental Security Income (SSI) check if we don’t meet the requirements. However, after we lose a check, we may be able to reapply for it if we are eligible again. This gives peace of mind to American families who may need that money at some point.

But what we have to keep in mind is that Social Security Administration may stop paying us this benefit. In any case, this news will not be a surprise if it happens to us, since SSI payment depends on monthly income. So getting payment or not depends on our work and our salary we get every month.


To receive monthly SSI payment, two requirements must be met. The first is that you must be 65 or older or have a disability. If you’re on Supplemental Security Income because of age, you won’t lose your check because you’ll always qualify. However, if the administration has provided us with a disability check, if we cease to have a impairmentwe will lose the payment.

Social Security may stop sending you SSI for Supplemental Security Income
Social Security may stop sending you SSI for Supplemental Security Income

The other requirement for this monthly check is a low monthly income. If we get a new job and therefore earn more monthly income, we must immediately notify the administration. This may result in the loss of the monthly Supplemental Security Income check, but we may be able to get it back if we get back to where we were before.

So, the two reasons we may lose our SSI check it’s actually good news. On the one hand, if we stop having disability, we will no longer receive the check, and on the other hand, if we have more money due to work, the same thing will happen. Both situations are an improvement in our lives, so we will no longer receive SSI.


The next one Supplemental Security Income the payment, if we have no problems collecting it, will arrive on January 1st. However, this will not be the only payment the administration will send in December. Up to two payments will arrive before the end of 2023, as on December 29 we will also be able to enjoy one of these benefits.

The December 1st payment will have a maximum of $914, but the December 29th payment will not. Since this other payment is actually a check advance from January 1st, it will already have COLA 2024 added to it. This means we will have a maximum payment of $943.

Don’t forget to enable Direct Deposit if you want to receive the money as soon as possible. Otherwise, SSI payment it will not arrive on the days announced in the calendar, it will arrive in the following days, maybe a week later.

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