The last SSDI payment in January 2024 will only be for those recipients of disability benefits

SSDI means Social security for disability. This is a benefit that some workers can get once they have a qualification impairment which prevents them from working for more than a year.

These disability benefits allowed workers to have little money until they can't work. Sometimes your disability is not permanent and you overcome it. In other cases, you continue to receive them until you reach full retirement age.

After that, they are simply converted into retirement benefits and you continue to receive the same amount money. Not all SSDI recipients receive their monthly payments on the same payday. Let's take a look at the group of beneficiaries who will receive a new payment next week.


The next Social Security Disability payment will be for those who started collecting checks from May 1997 onwards. If you started getting them before May 1997, you don't qualify.

SSDI payments are not for everyone who has a disability, there are 2 key conditions you must meet before you can receive checks in the US

Moreover, the second requirement is to have a birthday on a certain day. Therefore, if your birthday falls on 1-20, you will not receive these disability benefits.

These people of SSDI whose birthday is from the 21st to the 31st of each month will receive Social Security Disability next week. The exact day they can receive the money is January 24.

Remember that if your birthday falls on one of these days, but you started receiving disability benefits before May 1997, your SSDI payment will be due on February 2nd, not January 24th.


The latest disability benefits due Jan. 24 could give recipients up to $3,822. However, only a very small percentage of beneficiaries can receive this much money.

In fact, SSDI payments are usually much lower on average. This is mainly because workers have not had much time to pay taxes to the Social Security Administration.

So they get a discount on theirs SSDI verifies that they have not worked for a minimum of 35 years. The average Social Security disability insurance cost is $1,537 in 2024.

Remember that some of your family members may also be eligible for Social Security on your record. So after you apply for SSDI, you need to check their eligibility. Spouses can receive an average of about $420 and children of disabled workers about $491 as of December 2023.

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