The IRS insists that it is not too late to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit payment

The Tax collection office (IRS) continues to remind taxpayers that they are still eligible to claim the refund rebate credit. So you can claim it even if it is for the years 2020 and 2021.

What’s more, if you didn’t claim Child Tax Credit for 2021, you can still apply for it, says IRS. The thing is, most Americans who have to file taxes have received them. However, there are some citizens who are not required to file a tax return and may miss these payments.

Since this could be great news for eligible families, it’s time to spread the word. The IRS posted a new message on Twitter reminding taxpayers that they can still claim these credits.


Americans who have not received the full amount of their economic impact payments may be eligible money. Other citizens may not be required to file a tax return due to their low income.

Claim your rebate credit now, the IRS confirms you can still get it
Claim your rebate credit now, the IRS confirms you can still get it

However, they must file a tax return to claim the rebate credit or child tax credit. Remember that IRS will include your rebate credit on your 2020 or 2021 tax return.

The same applies if you didn’t claim Child Tax Credit for 2021. Don’t miss your chance to claim free money from IRS. Incentive checks are essential.

In truth, millions of Americans are depleting their savings due to high inflation in 2022 and 2023. That’s why it’s paramount to get as much money as possible if you qualify.


If you didn’t have to file a tax return for the years 2020 or 2021, it’s time to contact IRS. Ask their agents if you qualify for these rebate claims so you can cash in on some free cash.

Procrastination could mean forgetting about it and missing out on a fantastic payment. The IRS states that if you want to claim the 2020 rebate credit, you must file before May 17, 2024.

Therefore, the deadline is just around the corner. If you have not filed a Tax return for 2021, you will have a longer application window. In fact, you can claim the 2021 rebate credit until April 15, 2025.

Although you can delay it, there is no point in doing so because you might need that free money. Otherwise, you may need to take out a loan to pay your mortgage or medical expenses if you have a low income. Use it IRS Voluntary Income Tax Assistance to get help.

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