the deadline is approaching for those who qualify to pay $1,200

A stimulus check it can be yours if you meet all the requirements. Washington State still allows applications for payment of up to 1200 dollars. This is a tax credit for families.

Even if you don’t have a child, you can still get one 300 dollars. So why not check if you are eligible for it stimulus check this will end in about 14 days.

Undoubtedly this money it will be great for your finances when you start the new one year. In case you’ve never heard of it, it’s known as the Working Families Tax Credit.


If you are two adults and two children, the amount of your payment will be 900 dollars. If you are single and have two children, you will receive the same amount of $900.

The size of your stimulus check will depend on the size of your family
The size of your stimulus check will depend on the size of your family

Whether you have three or four children, the amount remains the same, $1,200. So that’s the maximum amount of it stimulus check regardless of the number of children you have.

The smallest amount will be for a person without children, $300. If you have only one child, you can get $600. Make sure you meet all the requirements. Visit the Washington Department of Revenue for all the details on incentive checks but let’s summarize them.

If you have lived in Washington for at least 183 days, you may qualify. Having a qualifying child or being 25 and under 65 is also a must. These requirements are for 2022. So you must have had a child then or be of that age.


If you didn’t file a 2022 tax return in 2023, you can’t claim this incentive check payment. Also, it will only be for families and individuals who have a Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

The list of requirements is long, but worth checking out. Not everyone can ask for it, but those who do get it stimulus check I will be glad. The last thing to consider is the fact that you were eligible for Income Tax Credit on your 2022 tax return.

Income requirements vary depending on your marital status. For example, if you’re single, it ranges from less than $16,480 to $53,057. Married couples must earn less than $22,610 to less than $59,187.

Incentive checks can be claimed until December 31, 2023. In addition to this tax credit, there is a New Mexico tax credit. Alaska will open the PFD application window soon. Spread the word so someone you know can benefit.

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