The COLA increase arrives on December 29 for these groups of retirees and people with disabilities

CAR refers to the cost of living adjustment. In fact, this is the way Social Security Administration supports the purchasing power of pensioners and people with disabilities on benefits.

There is usually an increase because inflation is rising. If there is no inflation, there can be no increase. As the consumer price index reached 3.2% in the third period, this is the figure Social security will use to prepare your new payments. therefore CAR the amounts are not the same every year.

That’s why there are millions of Americans who would like to know the exact amount of their Social Security payments in January. These checks will include new COLA. But there are some beneficiaries who will get 3.2% on December 29.


All SSI recipients will receive their January payment on December 29. Therefore, they will also get theirs CAR push on the same date. Getting a 3.2% increase will only be possible for them.

Seniors and people with disabilities who receive this benefit will receive the COLA increase first
Seniors and people with disabilities who receive this benefit will receive the COLA increase first

Regardless of the reason they qualify SSItheir increase will arrive on December 29th. Then, if you’re blind, have a disability, or are elderly and eligible, your Increasing the cost of living adjustment will be in your bank account before 2024.

Of course, some banks may take longer to process payments, but Administration will send them when their time is right. It is recommended that you allow at least three days for your check to be posted.

If you don’t receive it, you can ask your bank first. If they haven’t received it, you can contact the Social Security Administration. Those who do not yet know the new amounts with CAR increase should know the following information.


After Increasing social security, the maximum amount for SSI will be $943 if you are an individual. If you are 2 eligible beneficiaries because you are married, it will be up to $1,415 in 2024.

Remember that maximum amounts are not for everyone. If you have other payments, your SSI there will be less money. So seniors who receive Social Security can expect a lower SSI check, just like those on SSDI.

Before CAR, the maximum amounts were $914 (single) or $1,371 (married). So a person on SSI will get $29 at most. Married couples up to $44 extra per month.

The general feeling is that the prices are too high and 2024 CAR not accurate for pensioners and people on disability benefits. On the plus side, you’ll get more moneyregardless of the amount.

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