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The 10 most extreme foods in the world

Extreme culinary challenges are gaining popularity around the world, and there are some meals that will challenge even the most courageous of eaters. Here we present a list of the 10 most amazing international foods that are sure to turn your stomach. Get ready for a gastronomic adventure like no other!

Cheese with the strongest smell

If you are a cheese lover, then you must try the Vieux-Boulogne. Originating from the French settlement of Boulogne-sur-Mer, this blue cheese is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and has been ranked the smelliest cheese in the world. If you think Roquefort smells bad, then you definitely have to try Vieux-Boulogne.

The most poisonous fish

The Japanese fugu is the meat of the puffer fish, the most dangerous poisonous fish in the world. The poison of this fish is a thousand times stronger than cyanide and can be deadly. Only highly trained and experienced chefs can cook this extreme fish, and still there is a risk of suffering from the wrong food.

The most ambitious eating challenge

Are you a fan of tough meat? Then you should visit the English Duck Inn in Redditch and try their 4.2kg steak eating challenge. This steak is lighter than the normal weight of a newborn child, so be prepared for quite a challenge! Plus, there are extra calories in the potatoes and onion in the dish, so make sure you’re prepared for a big meal!

The hottest curry

If you like spicy food, then you must visit Brick Lane Curry House in New York and try their hottest curry. Rated 1,000,000 on the Scoville scale, this curry is cooked by a chef wearing a gas mask to protect himself from the heat. 8 special Bhut Naga Jolokia chillies are used to cook this extreme food, which are also used in the production of tear gas. If you think you can handle it, go ahead and try!

The most arachnophobic snack

In Skuon, Cambodia, fried tarantulas can be found as a delicacy. Although the locals love them, it can be an extreme experience for tourists. They are sold in plates and baskets as fast food with a taste similar to chicken.

The most adrenaline cup of tea

At the top of Hua Shan Mountain in China, adrenaline seekers and tea lovers alike can enjoy a small cup of Chinese tea in a tea house surrounded by rocks and a spectacular view. No safety equipment is needed at extreme heights.

The world’s most evil garlic breath

If you visit Garlic & Shots in London, you’ll have to prepare yourself to combat garlic breath after trying some of their extreme foods. All dishes have garlic as the main ingredient, including a unique garlic ice cream for dessert.

The cruelest hangover

In Southeast Asian countries like China and Vietnam, poisonous wine or “biting glass” can be tasted with king snakes inside bottles of wine and rice. Alcohol is supposed to defeat snake venom, but it can be an extreme hangover experience.

The most disgusting eggs

In Dongyang, China’s Zhejiang province, local people enjoy boiled eggs in child’s urine as a way to improve women’s health in spring. Although it may sound strange, it is considered a traditional medicine.

The most fattening dish

In Iowa, United States, you can taste extraordinarily sweet fried butter, which contains a lot of fat and is very unhealthy. If you like extreme things, you can try a butter coffee.

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