Surprising New Social Security Maximum Amounts in 2024, Check Possible Payments

The Social Security Administration (SSA) does not pay the same amount to money to all beneficiaries. Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) and retirement checks also do not have the same maximum amounts.

That’s why it’s important to know what you can get retirement. For example, if you get an average payment in 2024, you might get about $1,907 Social security in the latest COLA fact sheet.

However, this amount is far from the largest Social security payment in 2024. Remember, there is another key factor to consider. The age you submit may affect your future payments.


The Administration revealed that there will be a new amount for those who qualify for the biggest payout. Remember, it was $4,555 in 2023 and has increased more than the COLA in 2024.

New maximum benefit in 2024, Social Security Administration reveals new checks
New maximum benefit in 2024, Social Security Administration reveals new checks

The the new maximum Social Security benefit will be $4,873 in 2024. Therefore, the new amount is $318 extra. That’s a huge boost, as the average retiree only gets $59 more per month.

It is true that those who qualify for the largest retirement payment have paid a lot of money in payroll tax. Being a high earner, retiring at age 70 and working at least 35 years is the only way to achieve it.

From a high earner, Social security means earning the taxable maximum each year. This amount continues to increase each year and increases even more than the COLA. For example, in 2023 it is $160,200 and in 2024 it is $168,600.


Since in 2024 you can only get $4,873 in benefits if you earned the taxable maximum over 35 years and retired at age 70, claiming earlier means getting less money.

Social security confirms that you can get a 30% reduction if you file at 62. In truth, you can only get $2,710 in 2024 if you worked 35 years, earned the taxable maximum, and filed at 62.

Filing at full retirement age is the best way to get 100% of your benefits. For example, if you qualify for the largest payment at full retirement age, you could receive up to $3,822.

Remember that you can afford yours Social security grow 24% if you file at 70. Even if you don’t earn much, you can look for a good-paying job to boost your future retirement checks. Get your SSA statement to see if you qualify for benefits and how much.

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