Steps to increase pension benefits in 2024

The Social Security Administration there is an endless list of rules. However, there are three simple tips that can allow you to get more before you apply for retirement Benefits. Getting more money as a pensioner will be essential to supplement your pensionsavings and investments.

The first thing every worker needs to know is that their salary matters. Some people only think about how to earn enough money for the moment. But then you don’t pay much tax on Social Security Administration. So this can reduce the amount of your monthly payments retirement.

That’s why it’s extremely important to look for a well-paying job so that your contribution and income base is as high as possible. Remember that your target should be the taxable maximum each year. In 2023 it is $160,200 and will become $168,600 said Social security.


Even if you can’t get the taxable maximum, it’s important to get a raise and look for a better paying job. The higher your wages, the better. This way you will increase your future Social security retirement Benefits. Second, you should know that it is critical to delay retirement. But how long?

Find a good paying job and delay retirement to get more from Social Security
Find a good paying job and delay retirement to get more from Social Security

From a financial perspective, the best thing you can do is slow down retirement until you are 70 years old. Remember, if you are 62 and file at that age, you will lose thousands of dollars. Social security can reduce your payment by 30% per month.

That’s such a big bite that it could be devastating for many retirees. If you can’t wait until you turn 70 to file Social security benefits, choose something between them. For example, many retirees prefer to file for retirement when they reach their full retirement age retirement Age.

The full retirement age is not the same for all American workers. It will depend on the year you were born. For example, if your year of birth is 1960 or later, your Full retirement Age is 67. This will be the age when you can get 100% of yours Social security benefits.


Instead of collecting 100% of your benefits, you can file at age 70 to receive an extra 24% per month. Of course, don’t wait that long if you are in poor health or your work is too heavy or demanding. Welfare is also something to consider when filing Social security.

The third thing to consider is the number of years you have been working. If you don’t work for at least 10 years, you won’t qualify Social security. After ten years, you should receive at least 40 work credits.

However, this may not be enough. It is always advisable to work for a minimum of 35 years. By doing so, Social security it will not reduce your monthly retirement checks. Those who earned the taxable maximum over 35 years and file at 70 in 2024 will receive a check worth $4,873.

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