States are sending out new SNAP food stamps this week

When a new month begins, SNAP food stamps checks arrive to United States citizens so they can enjoy their usual shopping. However, there are countries where this payment does not arrive exactly at the beginning of the month.

Each country has its own SNAP food stamps payment schedule, resulting in many citizens receiving compensation earlier than other citizens. And that might not seem like an advantage, but it really is.

The main advantage of this is that even if we have different dates you receive payments we can know perfectly in which window of days we will receive a check. In this sense, only by controlling the exact days will we have enough to know when the EBT card balance will increase.

If we add to this a Social Security Checkin which we can always know the exact date, we have a fairly controlled household economy, so the quality of life of the beneficiaries increases.


Although some countries have already sent SNAP food stamp checks, other countries have not yet started sending them. However, there is another element to consider, and that is that many countries have sent a bunch of checks for this benefit, but have not finished sending all the payments.

SNAP food stamps are for the purchase of food
SNAP food stamps are for the purchase of food

For this reason, the most reliable way to find out whether we have money for benefits or not is yes check our EBT card directly and the balance we have on it. This is the only way to know 100% that we can now use the money to buy food and other products.

This week we find out that SNAP food stamps the check can arrive in the following countries:

  • Alabama: November 4-23
  • Arkansas: November 4-13
  • Delaware: November 2-23
  • Florida: November 1-28
  • Georgia: from November 5 to 23
  • Indiana: November 5-23
  • Louisiana: November 1-23
  • Maryland: November 4-23
  • Michigan: November 3-21
  • Mississippi: November 4-21
  • Missouri: November 1-22
  • New Mexico: November 1-20
  • North Carolina: November 3-21
  • Ohio: November 2-20
  • Tennessee: November 1-20
  • Texas: November 1-28
  • Washington: November 1-20

The rest of the countries not on the list have already finished sending this compensation to their beneficiaries. If you live in one of these states, you may already have the money, but it’s also possible that you haven’t received it yet.

And remember this the amount of SNAP food stamps is different for each citizen. Getting more or less money in that monthly check will depend on several factors, such as the monthly income in the nuclear family or the number of members in the nuclear family itself.

As soon as we receive the payment, we can use the money to buy basic food and household needs. There are some products such as alcohol or tobacco that are completely prohibited SNAP food stamps users, so you can’t buy them with that money.

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