SSI provides a new disability payment after 24 hours

SSI is the additional insurance income advantage. This is the best way to get more money if you receive SSDI or retirement benefits. Elderly people and people with a impairment can apply for them.

The main requirement is that you have a low income. So. if you have never received SSI, it’s time to apply if you can’t make ends meet. Those receiving Supplemental Security Income will receive a new payment on December 29.

Yes, this will be the second check that beneficiaries will receive in December 2023. However, this is not a bonus payment. This is yours SSI check for January so be sure to save it for next month.


This additional verification of insurance income will only be for those who have received the approval of the administration. This means you are not eligible if you did not file first for this payment.

Seniors and people with disabilities may be eligible for the next SSI payment
Seniors and people with disabilities may be eligible for the next SSI payment

Thus, all SSI recipients will receive a January check on December 29, 2023. These payments will provide a COLA boost. In truth, all beneficiaries will receive 3.2% more than in their December 1 check.

SSI the checks are only a supplement, so the maximum amounts are not as high as those receiving pension or disability benefits. It is vital that you also apply for SNAP if you are receiving disability benefits.

SNAP can give you monthly checks to buy food. Any money you save on food can be spent on other expenses like bills, gas, mortgage or even more food if needed.


The biggest check on a person SSI you can get is $943 on December 29th. The current amount is $914, so benefits will increase slightly. Of course, not as big a jump as in 2023.

Since everyone SSI Beneficiaries got 8.7% more in 2023, they may expect a bigger increase in 2024. Hence, it could be disappointing. Anyway, focus on the positive side and be happy that you are getting up to $29 extra per month.

Getting a discount would have been worse. Married couples receive SSI checks worth up to $1,371 in 2023. The maximum amount on December 29 will be $1,415. Getting $44 may be possible for those eligible for the largest amount in 2024.

Dependents can also benefit from this COLA increase, which arrives on December 29, 2023. Their new maximum will be $472, up from $458. If you don’t have low income, you may know someone who does. Help them apply for SSI.

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