SSDI recipients can receive a new $1,537 disability benefit and an SSI check on 2 consecutive days

SSDI and SSI are disability benefits. They are only for workers who cannot work for more than a year. Undoubtedly they must have a condition or disability that fits Social securitythe strict definition of disability.

To receive SSDI you must have worked and paid sufficient Social Security taxes. If you have not worked for the minimum number of years, you will not be eligible for these payments.

To receive SSI you must have a low income and few or no resources. What's more, you can only apply if you're over 65, blind or have a disability. You have a low income while on SSDI can allow you to get both benefits at the same time.


If you receive SSIyou will receive your payment on February 1st. For your information, the last Supplemental Security Income check arrived on December 29th. So SSI recipients received their January 2023 check.

Apply for SSI if you have a low income or your SSDI check is too low, disability benefits will be a big financial support

Therefore, the next SSDI payment will be due one day after SSI checks into your bank account. So yours money will be in your pocket on February 2nd. However, this will be a day in advance.

The Social Security Administration never pays checks on a holiday or weekend. That's why millions SSI Social Security beneficiaries and recipients receive their money before the due date from time to time.

So save both the dates, February 1st and February 2nd if you are on SSDI and SSI at the same time. It is important to know when you receive your monthly payment. This way you can manage your budget properly.


The average SSDI it's a check 1537 dollars for 2024. So if your check is average, you might get about that amount. Sometimes beneficiaries can get more money because they meet several conditions.

For example, if you worked for 35 years, had a high income and filed for SSDI as a senior, you may get much more. In truth, the largest Social Security disability benefit is 3822 dollars in 2024

It was $3,627, but was increased after the 2024 COLA adjustment and the new maximum taxable amount. Average pay for SSI is around $674 as of December 2023.

However, some may receive the maximum SSI amount $943 for individuals and $1,415 for married couples. Principals may receive up to $472 in 2024.

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