SSDI recipients are about to receive a payment worth up to $3,822, but do you qualify?

SSDI, disability Benefits are only for those Americans who have a qualifying disability. In addition to having a disability that prevents you from working for more than a year, you must have previously worked for several years.

The work you have done must be covered by Social security. Those citizens who did not work and did not pay enough taxes can never get SSDI. In total, you need 40 work credits to get Social Security.

That's about ten years of work. However, this is not the case if your disability started in your 20s. SSA allows younger SSDI candidates to qualify with fewer work credits. Therefore, they could have fewer years of work than the elderly.


Disability benefits are due on January 24 for certain eligible beneficiaries. This could be your payday if you meet the two requirements or conditions established by the Social Security Administration.

SSDI benefits are for people with qualified disabilities, apply for monthly payments in the United States if you qualify

The first condition is that you have been receiving Social Security Disability benefits since May 1997. However, if you have started collecting these damages payments before that date, you won't receive them until February 2nd.

The second requirement to obtain SSDI on January 24th you must have a birthday on one of the following days. For example, if your date of birth is from the 21st to the 31st, you will receive cash benefits on the 24th of January.

This will be the last opportunity to collect a checking from Social Security in January. The next payment will be to the recipients of supplementary insurance benefits. It is due on February 1, 2024.


There is no amount for Social security for disability. This is because people's ages are not always the same. The sooner you file, the lower your payment will be.

What's more, some people on SSDI had higher payments than others. So the more taxes you paid, the higher your disability benefits. However, there are maximum amounts.

The biggest SSDI check is $3,822 in 2024. It was $3,627 in 2023, so it has increased a lot since the COLA increase. The biggest check is for just a few Americans, so let's look at the average payments.

In fact, the Social Security Administration said so SSDI payments are approx 1537 dollars average in 2024. Disability benefits were $48 lower in December 2023, so beneficiaries can enjoy receiving more money in 2024

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