Specialized Careers Within Criminal Justice

Degrees in criminal justice are incredibly varied and in demand. Students may find work in the private sector or in public service. The variety of majors allows those who have an interest in crime to find a field of study that fits their career goals. Beyond the standard criminal justice degree, these options provide an in-depth study of specific concentrations. This interdisciplinary approach provides students with the education needed to enter their field upon graduation.

Law Enforcement

Degrees in law enforcement can be obtained at the bachelor’s level. Either option begins with core classes that survey the criminal justice system. Law is also a subject of focus for these programs. Students will study subjects related to law such as psychology, sociology, and communication. Courses may also be taken for specific skills such as firearms safety. The programs are designed to provide students will all the necessary information to start Police Officer training.


Careers in this area vary from court reporter to attorney. Course study focuses on the criminal justice system and law. Classes also include various psychology courses. This prepares graduates for the underlying causes of criminal behavior.

Areas of study become more specialized as degrees become more advanced. A court reporting student may take a high level overview of the criminal justice system while a student seeking a judicial degree to become an attorney will study criminal justice in depth. Depending on the major, there may also be standardized tests that require study and preparation.


Courses for a specialization in corrections closely resemble that of a student studying law enforcement. Classes will be taken that provide an overview of the criminal justice system and law. Additional emphasis will also focus on psychology and sociology.

Forensic Science

This degree program centers around the application of science to the criminal justice system. The focus of study is on both law and sciences. Sciences such as biology, chemistry, and physics are studied at high levels. Other requirements include criminal justice, forensic evidence, and criminal investigation.


Degrees in criminology provide the student with knowledge to prevent and solve crimes. People already working in law enforcement may seek this degree option to change careers to social services or the private sector. The focus of the courses is on the reasons that crimes are committed in order to prevent them in the future.

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