Social Security payments of about $1,849 and food stamps worth about $598 in these states today

The Social Security Administration sends retirement checks on December 20. Although some seniors can receive up to $4,555, this is not common. Instead, most seniors expect an average of about $1,849 payment.

Some of these pensioners who are on Social security can qualify for Food stamps too. This is possible when they have low incomes. For example, some seniors may live with their grandchildren, so they may have additional expenses.

The largest amount a family can receive Food stamps if you are three members it is $766, but most get $598 on average. Social security will arrive today for some adults so let’s see who qualifies.


If you did not receive benefits before May 1997, then this check may be yours. But first you must have a birthday from the 11th to the 20th. So, get ready for a check worth up to $4,555 if you meet the date of birth requirement.

Check your bank account and EBT card to see if your money and food stamps are ready
Check your bank account and EBT card to see if your money and food stamps are ready

Despite the fact that millions of Americans are eagerly awaiting the 3.2% COLA increase, it will not arrive today. Seniors receiving pension benefits will have to wait until January to catch up $59 extra.

Undoubtedly, this addn money from Social security it will be necessary to connect the two ends. Medical expenses are a lot in retirement and they keep getting more expensive.

The Social Security Administration believes seniors will receive about $1,907 on average next January, up from $1,849. But if your payment is not enough, you may be on SNAP benefits (food stamps) at the same time.


If you are on Social security and collect Food stamps you may also receive your check New Mexico, Ohio, Tennessee and Washington. This will be your payment day if you are not eligible for another previous payment.

For example, if you live in New Mexico and your social security number ends in 00, 20, 40, 60 or 80, you will receive your food stamps also on December 20, 2023.

Those of Social security and Food stamps in Ohio whose case number ends in 9 will also receive their SNAP benefits today. If you are just one member, you can get up to $291.

Tennessee uses the last 2 digits of the head of household SSN. If it ends in 95-99, you will receive your SNAP checks also on December 20, 2023. Washington will also pay SNAP benefits on December 20 if eligible. If you’re on a pension and food stamps, you can cash in $2,447 in average payments.

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