Social Security is only scheduled for 2 payments this week, see who can get the best checks

The first one payment on Social Security Administration is scheduled, will be due on February 1st. There will be another inspection one day after that. So February 2nd will be the day millions of pensioners get theirs money.

The thing is that some beneficiaries may qualify for the February 1st and February 2nd verification. So they can receive money from both payments Social security has scheduled first. However, the maximum amounts will be different.

That's because February 1 is pay day for Americans with Supplemental Security Income. While the February 2nd payment will be for those who are included Social security. So millions will get their retirement and SSI checks.


If you are on Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you will receive your check on February 1st. Regardless of your age, the date you filed, or the amount of your SSI checking.

Social Security retirement benefits are much higher than Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Therefore, there is only one payday for over five million Americans on SSI. Unlike Social security payments which usually have 4 different payments per month. It is true that the number of beneficiaries is less for SSI.

That's why there are 4 options when it comes to Social security payments. Remember that SSI is not funded by the SSA. However, the SSA schedules these payments as well.

To receive February 2 payment you should have submitted Social security before May 1997. So if you started collecting payments before May 1997, you are eligible for this check in the United States.


If you are eligible for SSI on February 1, 2024, you can reach $943. This is the largest amount of Supplemental Security Income in 2024. Note that as of December 29, SSI benefits increased by 3.2%.

$943 is only for those who get the full amount and no discount. Average payments for individuals it is only $674. Essential workers may just get up to $472, up from $458 in 2023.

Married couples can receive up to $1,415 on February 1 from SSI. Of course, both must be eligible for SSI. Then, Social security will pay up to $4,873 in retirement benefits, up from $4,555 in 2023.

This check is only for those who earned the taxable maximum over 35 years and filed at age 70. Social Security Retirement Benefit for 2024 it's simple 1907 dollars, from $1848. If you're receiving disability benefits, you can get an average SSDI of about $1,537. February 2nd is the same day for retirement and SSDI payments.

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