Social Security explains how to see if you’re eligible for $1,907 in payments in 2024.

Receiving money from Social Security Administration retirement becomes a priority for many workers. Even if it is supposed to be a supplement, all the more pensioners rely on these monthly allowances.

That’s why it’s vital to make the most of it Social security benefits while you can. For example, getting a well-paying job, paying the right payroll taxes, retiring at age 70, and working for 35 years can get you more than those who don’t.

The Social Security Administration has prepared several questions for you to answer. It only takes a few minutes to see if you qualify for retirement benefits.


Americans can claim disability or retirement benefits when they have paid enough taxes to the administration. Some may be eligible on their own file, but spouses and children may be eligible on their spouse’s or parent’s file if he or she dies.

Workers should start planning for retirement soon, Social Security should not be the primary source of income
Workers should start planning for retirement soon, Social Security should not be the primary source of income

So if you have a disability or are approaching age 62, you can check your eligibility online. This way you will see if you can take a pension payments worth up to $4,873 (elderly) or up to $3,822 (impaired) in 2024.

The first question to check your eligibility for average payments of $1,907 less or more in 2024 has to do with your age. Check the box to say whether you are an adult or not.

Then Social Security Administration will ask you for your date of birth. This way they can check if you qualify for one benefit or another. Then tell the SSA if you worked and paid taxes to the administration.


Except to inform Social security if you’ve had a job in the past, you should also indicate whether you’re collecting checks now because you’re still working. Remember that only those who have worked for at least ten years can receive pension benefits.

In ten years you must have earned at least 40 work credits. For example, you can get 4 work credits per year and it costs $1640 for 1 in 2023. Also, Social security should know if you get I clickTANF or any other benefits.

If you don’t work and don’t get other benefits, say so Social security for that. Do not forget about your marital status. Being married or not is not the same, so make sure you choose the right option. Once you answer all these questions, they will tell you the benefits you can get.

Visit to find out. Another way could be to take an annuity statement from Social securityit may be easier and faster.

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