Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

This is coming November 22 will be the last of Social Security Disability Income payments this month. This means that beneficiaries with disabilities in United States can receive on that day a new benefit with a maximum of $3,627 per month.

This check will no longer have that maximum next year 2024 because with the COLA each benefit will increase by 3.2%, but we still need to receive the December payment with that maximum in order to collect a maximum payment of $3,743 in January 2024.

But for now we need to focus on Payment on November 22nd. This payment will only be for a certain group of Americans. If we want to meet the requirements of this benefit, it is mandatory that we have the check after a certain year and have a birthday between several exact days.

If we meet these requirements, the Social Security Administration will send disability payment to our bank account. Whether or not you will receive it on the same day depends on the collection method you have activated. Will you be able to get yours November 22 Social Security Disability Payment?


The master key to be able to receive the payment November 22 is to belong to group 4 of pensioners. To be part of this group, two requirements must be met. You don’t need to have a certain type of benefit or be of a certain age.

To pick up the check at November 22we must:

  1. There is Social Security Check (regardless of the type, any retirement is valid) after 1997.
  2. There is birthday between the 21st and 31st from every month. This last group of beneficiaries has a birthday on the last days of each month. The month of birth does not matter, nor does the year of birth.

And there are no other requirements, although if we meet these two, we just get Social Security Administration to send us ours impairment or retirement check on this day. Whether you get it immediately depends on another factor.


To instantly redeem your Social Security Check without having to wait a day, you must activate Direct Deposit. This is the fastest way to receive any benefits from the Social Security Administration.

If the administration sends us disability check on November 22nd, we will get paid on November 22nd if we activate Direct deposit. But you don’t have to enable it, it’s optional.

In case we do not want this payment method, the money will arrive in our pocket without a problem, but a little later. Quite possibly the money it will take up to 3 days to appear in our bank account without this collection methodbut it will still arrive.

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