Social Security and special minimum benefits in 2024, check possible amounts

Social security updates pension benefits every year. In this way, the administration can help pensioners maintain their purchasing power. Although some Americans believe that retirement benefits are for everyone, this is not true.

In fact, you must have earned at least 40 work credits to qualify Social security. It takes one year to get 4 work credits and one is worth $1730 in profit in 2024.

Depending on the number of years of coverage, you may have more or less Social Security Check. From December 2023 these are the new primary sums insured for 2024.


For example, if you have 11 years of coverage, special minimum benefit is $50.90. The maximum family benefit is $77.80. Therefore, it is not possible to receive the full special minimum PIA unless you have worked for 30 years in jobs covered by the SSA.

Receiving a small Social Security check is something to avoid in retirement
Receiving a small Social Security check is something to avoid in retirement

Workers who have 20 years of service can qualify for a special minimum benefit $531.90. If you have a family, the maximum for you will be $799 with 20 years of coverage.

These Social Security Beneficiaries who have 25 years of coverage can receive a special minimum benefit worth $799. Families can get $1,200 in this situation in 2024.

Workers who have worked for 30 years and paid Social security taxes may qualify for a special minimum benefit of $1,066.50 or $1,601.70 for families. The purpose of this special minimum benefit is to help low-income workers increase their benefit amount. In contrast, these are the biggest Social Security checks in 2024:


Americans who worked longer and had high incomes may qualify for the largest Social security payments in 2024. The maximum amount of money a person can receive from the administration is $4,873 in 2024.

However, you can only get $4,873 in 2024 if you file at age 70 and have earned the taxable maximum for 35 years. Those who have not worked for at least 35 years do not qualify for this maximum Social security quantity.

Here is the importance of delaying retirement. It can get you a check worth 24% more per month. Early retirement at 62 could mean getting around 30% less.

The biggest check at 62 is $2,710, while the biggest for those filing at full retirement age is $3,822 in 2024. It’s up to you when you file Social security, but check whether you can afford it or not before you regret it. Medical expenses and inflation can drain your savings.

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